Caroline’s Books

Caroline’s books follow the lives of the twenty-one women mentioned in her mother’s family tree – “A True Account of the Royal Descent of Kathleen Mary Newark”. There is one book for each of the women, starting in the thirteenth century with the sister of a French king  and ending in the twentieth century with Caroline’s mother. Although the books are written as fiction, the people in them really existed and the known facts are as accurate as possible.

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A story of enduring love, deceit and danger

Joan of Kent and her scandalous secrets


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The story of nineteen-year-old Marguerite, whose brother, Philip IV, King of France, marries her to his bitter enemy, the elderly English king, Edward I.

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The Queen’s Spy A tale of treachery, betrayal and murder.
Margaret Wake and the killing of Edward II
An Illegitimate Affair Am I your brother’s keeper? The love affair of a dutiful wife.
The story of Alys Arundel
The Epiphany Betrayal The most difficult choice of all – who shall live and who shall die?
The story of Eleanor Holand and the plot to kill a king.